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If you’re suffering from back pain in Grove City, OH, Dr. Arthur Schmit at Schmit Chiropractic Office is the relief partner to have on your team.


Relieving Your Back Pain Through Chiropractic Care

Pain in the back is one of the most common issues around the world, one of the most common reasons for missed days at work, and one of the top reasons for visits to a chiropractor. What makes back pain so common? And why is chiropractic care the go-to relief method for so many sufferers? Dr. Schmit and the team at Schmit Chiropractic Office in Grove City, OH, answer these questions and more below.


Why Do So Many People Suffer from Pain in the Back?

The human spine is made of many different parts, including the bones, discs, nerves, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Throughout the day, each of these components is hard at work supporting your habits, movements, and lifestyle.

Unfortunately, due to such heavy involvement, there are many different ways it can be impacted.

  • Overuse from heavy lifting at work or exercise can fray the soft tissues.
  • Sitting for long periods puts stress on the muscles and bones, which can pull the bones out of their proper place.
  • Undue pressure can be placed on the discs, causing them to tear and impinge the nerves.

These are just a few examples, and they do not include incidents like falls at work or auto accidents. Additionally, discs wear down as we age, and genetics can play a key role in spinal health.


How Chiropractic Care Helps

Chiropractic care aims to restore alignment and balance to the body so that it can heal naturally. This is typically done by combining various non-invasive techniques.

When it comes to treating pain in the back, there are many different techniques available. Your chiropractor will determine the best techniques after determining the source of your pain. Some common and effective techniques include those below.

  • Adjustments: Adjustments restore and maintain proper alignment of the spine, relieving undue pressure on the other spinal elements.
  • Electrical stimulation: Electrical stimulation is used to create contractions in the muscles, which relieve tension, release muscle spasms, and increase blood flow to the treatment site.
  • Therapeutic ultrasound: Therapeutic ultrasound sends sound waves into the target area to break up tension and scar tissue, improve blood flow, and stimulate tissue repair.
  • Flexion distraction: Flexion distraction is a technique that helps create space in the spine to remove pressure from the discs and nerves.


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